Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Final Week Check In

Chapter 12 check in. Can you believe it? Our final chapter. I have continued to do my morning and/or evening pages. I have found benefits no matter what time of the day I do them. I am planning to continue with my morning pages and my artist dates. I also intend to continue posting on my blog.
I haven't had an artist date in two weeks. Mostly because of our cat that was so sick. Sadly he did not make it.
I have learned much from the book, and have learned even more from the members of the group. I have enjoyed many of the tasks we were asked to do. I also intend to "treat myself as a precious object". Now, isn't that something to be further explored!
I'm not moving on to the next book because I feel that some of the ideas of the first book need to simmer a while, and I also want to some of the tasks I didn't have time for the first time around.
I'm a little sad that our group is over.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Week 10 check in

Week 10 check in. Here it is almost time for week 11 check in and I'm just checking in with week 10. I didn't feel there was very much in this chapter that I could relate to. As a matter of fact, her view on competition is completely opposite of mine. She sees competition as something that blocks creativity and I see it as something that pushes you to reach higher.
Although I could have done without this chapter, one thing I read that made me pause and think was "Art needs time to incubate, to sprawl a little, to be ungainly and misshapen and finally emerge as itself. The ego hates this fact. The ego wants instant gratification." That was really well said. I think of it as growing pains. And I am guilty of lacking patience at times. Yes I want to learn and get better but sometimes it doesn't happen fast enough.
I only did the morning pages 3 out of 7 days last week and the only task I did was touchstones, a list of things I love.