Monday, September 06, 2010

Winding Down

Labor day. The summer is officially winding down. And right on schedule, the past few nights have been cool enough to turn off the air conditioning and sleep with the windows open. It feels wonderful.

I finished up the Whisper Cardigan and I absolutely love it. I should be able to get a few wearings in between too hot to even think about it and I need something warmer.

I've taken the Origami Cardi out of hibernation. It's a pretty quick knit. I found that I needed to put stitch markers after the first 4 stitches and before the last 4 stitches otherwise I would screw up the berry-in-a-box pattern. Missing yarnovers, extra yarnovers. I didn't do that for the back and had to rip back a few times. I'm almost done the second front section.

I'm not really sure how this is going to work out. On the back I cast on for the smallest size, but used the length for the 38 size. For the front I followed the smallest size.

I'm using Cascade 220 Heathers in an orangey red. It has flecks of goldish brown. (Mine also includes some white cat hair here and there. You'll have to find your own cat for that.) Anyway, I really love the color. It reminds me red autumn leaves when the sun is shining on them from behind.

I also started knitting on my Queen Alice socks. I haven't gotten much more than the cuff of the first sock done. This was the first kit from the Alice in Wonderland sock club from Woolgirl. This was February's shipment. Why yes I'm a little behind. Why do you ask? This was my first sock club ever, and I'm loving it. Now all I have to do is find the time to actually knit the socks.

I've recently been overcome with a case of knitting bag lust. I have the vintage bag from Namaste but I also wanted something a bit more subtle. I purchased another bag from Namaste. This time it is the Newport bag in Hollywood Pink. Please refrain from any comments about how could Hollywood Pink in any way be considered more subtle than, well, anything. I'm not sure where this will lead. Maybe the Laguna in charcoal.

Surprise find. When I originally started the Queen Alice socks I used the size 1 needle called for in the pattern. The socks were way too big for me. I had to purchase size 0 needles. The shop I went to was running a little low on their DPN's. I usually use Brittany needles and have been very happy with them. They didn't have the Brittany's in the right size. They did have Crystal Palace needles. At first I thought they may be a little flimsy. They just weren't as sturdy as the Brittany needles. Well, can I tell you, I am loving them. They have just the right amount of flexibility. The shop only had the 7" and I would prefer 5". I see more Crystal Palace in my future.