Saturday, February 23, 2013

My First Attempt at Sewing a Shirt a/k/a Why I Don't Wear My Clothes Inside Out

I've been reading a lot of sewing blogs lately. They make it look so easy. And pretty. So I attempted Vogue 8790 It seemed simple enough. A back, 2 pieces for the front and 2 sleeves. short ones at that. I found some cotton lycra at Joann Fabrics. I measured, I pin fit and I cut out. I started to sew, but the thread I had gotten to match the fabric was too heavy. Who knew? Well, probably most other people, but remember I'm new to garment sewing. I programmed my sewing machine for stretch knits, and began sewing. The thread and garment jammed in the machine. In an effort to remove it, I ended up with a small hole in the fabric. Not a big deal. Minor seam adjustment and began again. After a few more attempts I realized that it was the thread and changed. Unfortunately I couldn't match the fabric so I had to use black. But it made all the difference. Sewing went much more smoothly. I had some weird thing with the gathers on the second side of the shirt. I tried to fix it, which made it a little better, but still there's this burp of fabric. It's a little big in the shoulders so next time I will go down a size. I guess it takes some experience to get the hang of the whole thing. It's wearable. In the dark. And if you don't look at the inside.
Sewing Vogue 8790 by 1d3c
Sewing Vogue 8790, a photo by 1d3c on Flickr.

I really need to remember to put some make up on before I take the photo!


Shelley Hesson said...

This top turned out really cute. The drape looks perfect, and I love the color. By the way, I found your blog via the sewintists map. I think we're the only Jersey girls so far. Have a good one, and congrats on this nice top!!

Diana said...

Your top is really nice. I love that colour.Can I recommend Gutterman polyester thread also called all-purpose thread and Craftsy classes. You can learn everything at Craftsy .com. Hope you don't mind my suggestions!!

Cathy said...

Thanks for the suggestions!